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2021/07/17 20:49


2021.7 / 17 ~ 2021.10 / 31 (about 3 and a half months)

My "first streamer" is installed at the Jan-gle 3rd store in Akihabara! I'm glad that there are two fans who want to buy it 🥺

"In-store announcement" is also a valuable item that can only be heard at the 3rd store in Akihabara, so please stop by and come and listen!

Jan-gle Akihabara 3rd store, Jan-gle Osaka branch, Jan-gle Sapporo store, I am posted as shown in each image nationwide, so please come and tell us your impressions ~ ♥ ✨

Recording, meetings, shooting, collaboration goods production, etc. were very difficult, but it's really fun. There may be a BIG surprise as it is still in progress (• ө •) Gua

《There is an event where you can meet for free on 9/20 (holiday / Monday)! ️》 * May change due to coronavirus

Details of the collaboration event will be in the next article 👋