The first original goods! Two-color rubber strap

TayuraMomo🍑All Infɷrmation

2021/09/07 21:36


This is the first merchandise that I made from scratch, from design to ordering to sales!

This goods is limited to 100 pieces each, and if you buy two, it will be signed / and even more! If you see me wearing a rubber strap in the city, I can call you! !! (Gachi)/

According to the person who bought it, it's exciting to walk with it or www 🤣 cute

If you find it, I will call out to you so please do not hesitate to contact me

(Direct 🐸 location)

Handing over! You can pay with cash or Paypay!

9/20: One-day store manager event

Irregular: Live on the street

(Places you can buy online ⬇)

Paypay frima

I will send it in an envelope myself. Completely anonymous to each other! free shipping! There are many coupons so you may be able to buy them cheaply! ??

Black → ordinary material

Light blue → Fluorescent at night

1500 yen each + 2 sets + sign 3000 yen